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The Tools You Need to Monitor and Manage Remote Networks

Use Domotz Pro’s affordable remote network management software to save time troubleshooting multiple networks, save costs, proactively prevent IT issues and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboard.

Network Monitoring

Quickly analyze advanced network data, Domotz Pro makes it easy to access and measure everything you need to know in a couple of clicks.

Unlimited Endpoints

No limits: monitor any type and number of devices. Multi-VLAN support included. Automated network mapping and automatic advanced device discovery allows you to know everything about the network.

Advanced Device Identification (powered by Fing™)

Domotz Pro's automated network discovery makes deployment fast and management easy. Network devices are automatically discovered and identified, while devices connected to managed switches are automatically detected and located.

Network Monitoring & Alerts

Domotz Pro monitors a variety of device attributes and events. Configure triggers on monitored parameters, then generate email or push notification alerts. Alerts can also be collected in a daily digest. You can configure Domotz Pro to monitor specific device attributes such as temperature, speed, consumable status, and more.

Speed Test & Trace Route

On-demand and scheduled speed tests, and bandwidth analysis to detect possible bottlenecks or packet loss. The system can also automate Monthly Reports for you to download, email and share with customers - perfect for helping customers understand the value of remote support.

SNMP and TCP service monitoring

Monitor SNMPv2 devices and configure alerts based on the OID value. For instance, you could receive an alert if a device exceeds a certain temperature, or a printers toner cartridges drop below a certain level.

Wi-Fi Access Point Integration

With Wi-Fi Access Point Monitoring, you get simple, hassle-free monitoring of Ruckus Wi-Fi access points and connected clients. Additional manufacturers' products will be added in the future.

External IP Host monitoring

With Extended Monitoring, you can monitor up to 5 devices or services anywhere on the web (website, off-site server, etc.), and up to 8 subnets on Layer 3, with a max of /24 network mask (modems, routers, VPN-connected networks, etc.)

Additional Subnet Monitoring

With Private Subnet Scan, you can monitor a Layer 3 subnet of a VPN-connected LAN or other connected routed subnets. With subnet monitoring, you can monitor: modems and/or routers of different subnets, networks and network devices routed on different subnets, and multiple sites or buildings connected via VPN.

Device Response Time Monitoring and Statistics

With Device Response Time Monitoring, you get simple, hassle-free ability to periodically ping every single device and collect Round Trip Delay (RTD) and Packet Lost stats from the Domotz Agent to the device itself. The collected data will be available in the form of statistical values. Alerts can be configured to receive notification if certain thresholds of Packet Lost percentage or RTD measures are breached. It is also possible to ping every single device real-time.
This feature might not be available on old Domotz Agent packages.

Automated Managed Switch Port Mapping

For support managed network switches, get information about port status, upload/download traffic, lost packets and errors - all complete with historical graphs.

Advanced Network Data and Reporting

Get up to date reporting on data like: internet health measures, Wi-Fi signal level and noise value reporting, User activity logging, history and trend of key monitored indicators, customer reporting - all ready for an easy data export.

Remote Management and Troubleshooting

Resolve problems immediately. Connect remotely and resolve issues just like you would if you were right there on the customer site.

IoT Integration

Domotz Pro is designed to support a variety of IoT devices typically found in residential and light commercial applications. Monitor status of non-IP gateway- connected devices (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cresnet)

Secure Remote Connection - (TCP/HTTP/SSH/Telnet/RDP)

Domotz Pro automatically scans open ports for available services and enables remote access with a single click, with no need for a VPN or special router configuration. Remotely access device consoles (SSH/Telnet) in a single click. Use TCP Tunnel to connect proprietary client software to remote devices, such as Creston, Lutron, Control4, ELK, Leviton, VNC, Apple Airport, and virtually any other TCP-based client-server system.

Multiple VLAN Support

Domotz Pro offers support for monitoring /22 subnets and multi-VLANS at no extra charge.

Remote Power Management for PDUs and PoE Switches

With Domotz Pro Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, you can control individual ports on a managed network switch. Switch devices on or off from a simple user interface. It's literally like flipping a switch. Domotz Pro supports most popular smart plugs and PDU's for simple remote power management, including APC, Aten, Belkin, Bryant, CyberPower, Digital Loggers, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Pakedge, Panamax / Bluebolt, SnapAV, SurgeX, TP-Link, Tripp-Lite, and more!

Onvif integration for Security Camera

With Security Camera feature, any Camera that is compliant with the ONVIF standard will be integrated in the monitoring system. It allows you to check Camera configuration and operation status, test Video output through Snapshots and Streaming integrated capability, or restart it when it becomes necessary.

Cybersecurity Features - (Perimeter network scans)

Receive real-time alerts when a new device joins the network. Detect intruders and identify network security threats.

Automated Device Attribute Discovery

Domotz Pro automatically detects and captures details and displays them in a complete profile for each device on your client networks including make and model, mac address, location, zone, software version, IP addresses, and more.


With Domotz Pro, you can improve client care with proactive issue detection and prevention, increase service revenue while reducing on-site service calls and focus resources on more profitable activities. Domotz makes it easy to deploy a remote monitoring and management system at a very low adoption cost.

Team Management - (Multi-User Access)

Add members of your team to share management access to your clients Domotz Agents. Easily manage team members in multiple roles to assign proper permissions.

Collaboration - (Network sharing to trusted users)

With Collaboration, it is now possible to invite Team Members (of different Teams) to collaborate on a specific Agent. Moreover, the Team Leader can now allow a specific Team Member to invite other Domotz Users to collaborate with his Domtoz Agents.

Shared Alerts & Profiles

Help your team monitor device status, services and attributes across a variety of protocols and networks. With Shared Alerts you can define events for which your entire team would like to receive notifications either through emails, webhooks or Slack channel. You can define alert profiles which can be applied either to devices or agents by any member of your team so that they are shared across the whole team.

Multi-client Account

Manage an unlimited number of clients, all from one dashboard. Easily view, control and access devices across multiple clients.

Two-Factor Authentication

Domotz Pro users can now activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account, and monitor the 2FA status of the Team Members.

Your Brand Here

Customize your customer-facing app with your company name and logo.

10 minute setup and deployment

Domotz is truly a "Plug & Play" solution: fast and flexible deployment on any network. Quickly access all your networks from a single convenient dashboard.

Easy Access

You and your customers can access all network and device data from a single convenient dashboard on our web app, desktop app or mobile app. With instant syncing across devices and custom push notifications, you won’t miss a thing!

Domotz Pro Mobile Apps (Available for iOS & Android)

Our mobile app is the best way to use Domotz Pro when you’re on the go. With instant syncing across devices and custom push notifications, you won't miss a thing.

Customer Facing Mobile App

Domotz is designed to help service professionals to take better care of their customers. With our customer facing app, Violet, and other customer-facing features, you can be a customer service star. Plus, enable customer to assist with troubleshooting!

Developer Friendly

Make more happen with deep integrations, webhooks and our open API.

Public API

The Domotz Pro Public API (RESTful) provides developers an easy and comprehensive way to integrate third party applications with the Domotz Pro solution. Any user has 100 available API calls per day to retrieve the list of configured Domotz Agents or other useful information related to the Account. Moreover, each Agent configured under the Advanced Plan allows for an additional 500 API calls per day, and can be accessed through the Public API.


Webhooks can be used if you are planning to feed alerts into a ticketing system, if you want to send email alerts to an email address which is not configured as an account within Domotz Pro or if you simply want to feed the alerts into a Slack channel.


Domotz offers additional detailed information and enhanced functionality for many devices and partners, making these devices even easier to configure and manage. These include: Control4, D-Tools, Ruckus, WyreStorm, StormAudio, Dish Network, Liberty AV, Sonos, Denon, Marantz, Crestron & more!